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Precast Concrete
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Some decorative contractors, such as those that precast concrete countertops, stretch the boundaries on what's too big or heavy to move, developing special rigs to transport massive pieces of their concrete work. Other times, it's just simpler to cast the concrete in place as the precast advantages are outweighed by convenience, such as with concrete slabs and floors. See Our Showroom 
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Precast concrete is simply concrete that is cast  somewhere other than where it will be used. Most  precast products are cast in a factory using a wet-cast  method, but others are cast on site-such as tilt-up  panels. There are lots of reasons-mostly advantages-  why one would precast, and we'll get into those, but the  biggest negative of precasting is that the resultant  concrete item must be moved. Concrete is heavy-  typically about 150 pounds per cubic foot-so concrete  elements don't have to be very big before moving them  becomes unrealistic.
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