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Epoxy Pebble
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2012-2014 Spartan Concrete Coatings Inc.
Designed by Vision Unleashed
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The Epoxy Pebble System contains EC- 84 Pebble Binder, a scientifically formulated, two-component, 100% solids, high strength adhesive epoxy resin designed for the ultimate bonding of small smooth pebbles to structural substrates. The Epoxy Pebble System is used primarily with small smooth pebbles to produce a decorative covering for patios, sun rooms, garages, walkways, and game rooms. By broadcasting dry silica sand over the installed pebbles, a skid-resistant finish can be produced.
Epoxy Pebble Protective Sealers and Stains
Waterproof Epoxy Coat Surface Coat Texture Coat
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